See What Happens in 30 Days When You Eliminate These Foods

Looking to lose weight? It’s not just about cutting all high calorie foods from you diet and exercising. It’s knowing which foods to cut out. Knowing the which foods are nutrient-dense and which foods are have junk calories can make all the difference!

Here are some foods are high calories and don’t have enough nutrients to make them worthy to be a regular part of your diet and lifestyle.

1. Ice-Cream

We all love ice-cream, but ice-creams really do have lots of sugar and almost no nutritional value at all. So choose from other low calorie refreshing options here .

2. Fried Foods

A fried food not only contain more calories than the same food cooked any other way, but it also contains trans-fat that have wreak havoc on your body and cardiovascular system if consumed regularly. If you are a regular consumer of fried foods, try cutting them out for 30 days and see the difference.

3. Juice

You may think that you’re doing your body good by getting your vitamins from drinking juice daily, but think again. If that juice is pure juice without any fiber, you’re giving your body a sugar rush and insulin surge. Our bodies release insulin to take up the sugar from the bloodstream so that we can use that sugar for energy. But if you are not in need of that sugar and are at your desk most of the day, then you will not be burning it off that sugar. The excess sugar is then stored as fat.

4. Flavoured Fancy Coffee Drinks

Those coffee drinks do look tantalising and irresistible as you pass by the popular coffee shop, don’t they? Well, one of those drink could contain up to 800 calories! Need I say more? If you are a daily frappe patron, saying good-bye to these drinks will literally change your life and your weight.

5. Granola Bars

While they promote themselves to the healthy conscious and they actually look healthy enough. These sneaky bars hide a lot of sugar in them because of the syrup or honey they use to pack the dried fruits and nuts together which in and of themselves are already high in calories. A 100 gram bar could give you up to 400 calories. So what you if love granola bars and they really save you lots of time. The key here is to control your portion. May be have half a bar at at time. It would really help if the bars were in smaller portions like 100 cals per bar but you wouldn’t feel full because visually you’ve had only a small bar. Or you can make your own granola bars limiting the concentration of high calorie fruits. Here is a recipe idea to get you inspired to make your own:

These are just a few to start with. Depriving yourself these “happy foods” could be depressing so pick your battles. But remind yourself  that the discipling of self-denial will reap you many health rewards in the long term!

There are many other high-calorie foods out there that you should steer away from but remember that the worse of them are the ones that are high in sugar and trans-fat. While it’s a very important part of the equation for a healthy waistline, food is only part of it. The vital component is also to stay active and get moving daily for at least 30 minutes. See other articles in our Fitness section to see ideas and get inspired!

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