Let’s Go on A Brisk Walk

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Being intimidated by fitness and exercise is a sure way to never reach your wellness goals. It is understandable how we can feel intimidated by posts on social media that showcase people doing complicate exercises, stretches, and running. But that’s really what it is…a showcase. Most healthy and fit people don’t do extreme workouts every single day. Actually, they stick to good foundational moves that they do on a consistent basis to achieve fluency in their movements. The key to building strength and endurance is progression. To run, you have to progress from walking. And that’s what I’d like to share today about the benefits of brisk walking. 

Walking is a great activity for all ages and fitness levels. Taken at Rama IX Park, Bangkok.

Brisk walking is a wonderful exercise to get your heart moving and muscles working in addition to your daily activities of life. And any able-body individual can begin walking anywhere. 

Brisk walking performed on a regular basis can help you to:

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Prevent or manage various conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes
  • Strengthen your bones and muscles
  • Destress and improve your mood
  • Improve your balance and coordination
  • Spend quality time with a friend or loved one

How to start:

  1. Have proper comfortable walking shoes, preferable sneakers with good support.
  2. Choose a place. You can walk on the treadmill, at the park, around your neighborhood, or in a department store. If you choose a department store, just be careful to not be distracted and stop too often.
  3. Choose when to walk. Whenever you can get in at 15-30 minutes of walking continuously. 
  4. Pace. Choose a pace where you find it somewhat hard to sing the ABCs.
  5. Make it a habit by putting in in your schedule. Or invite a friend to be your walking buddy.


  • Look up and forward, not at the ground.
  • Relax your neck, shoulders and back as you’re  swinging your arms freely with a slight bend in your elbows. Allow your arms to pump a little bit, but don’t over do it.  
  • Your core muscles are engaged and your back is straight, not arched forward or backward.
  • Imagine landing right in the middle of your feet, not your heels.
  • Remember to breathe.

How to progress:

If simply brisk walking is getting too easy for you and you don’t want to jog or run, a great progression is to add some weight. Put on a backpack with books or something heavy, say start with 3 kgs and go for the same walk. If you walk on treadmills, then add some incline.

You will sure reap the benefits the faster, farther and more frequently you walk. So where will you go walking today? Do you enjoy brisk walking? Share in the comments below.


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