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From Sampran to Sukhumvit, the family that started Sampran Riverside Resort brings their organic farm and love of nature to Sukhumvit. I’m a fan of Sampran Riverside for its simple laid back Thai-charm atmosphere, and Patom Organic in Sukhumvit Soi 49 stays very true to that.  As far as private green spaces go in Sukhumvit, they offer a generous green area in the back of the main building showcasing a small organic vegetable farm. The front of the venue breaks the traditional Thai mold with the modern minimalist glass building and fitting of the Thonglor/Ekkamai vibe.

Our family intended to have a some afternoon refreshments when we arrived around 3 pm on a Saturday. but the place was packed so we couldn’t find any seating. The main-air conditioned building could accommodate only probably a total of 15 guests. You could choose to sit outside, but it was too hot that day without shaded seating. Seeing how the indoor seating and parking spaces were quite limited, the owners perhaps did not expect the crowds to gather here on weekends.

In terms of service, this is where I found that it was vey lacking. No one greeted us or offered to seat us or give us a queue number so we had no idea how long we would be waiting around waiting for a table out in the heat. The friendliest staff there was the parking attendant.

With so much open space in the back, I do hope that one day, they will create more shaded seating to accommodate more customers. We left quite disappointed that we couldn’t sit and linger longer, but we shall attempt to return on a weekday where hopefully, it will be less crowded.

Have you been here before? Did you manage to get a seat? Share in the comments below.

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