Smog or Fog in Bangkok?

Have you been asking yourself that lately? Is this fog or smog? Where is the sun? The gloomy skies have been hovering over Bangkok for the past few days.  Turns out that it is indeed smog and even to a concerning level. We even been advised to wear masks when we are outside.  The concentration of particulate matter is quite alarming. Plume Labs considers this to have immediate adverse impact, “The air has reached a very high level of pollution. Effects can be immediately felt by individuals at risk. Everybody feels the effects of a prolonged exposure.”

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However, is the concentration the same throughout the day? According to Plume Labs, the stats show that air pollution in Bangkok is at its peak around 7 am – that’s right, rush hour. Everyone is on the road to get to work and to school. Cars are at a standstill for lengthy periods of time spewing out carbon monoxide fumes into the air in a static area. What’s more, it looks like we are experiencing a lack of wind or air flow through the city at this time of year, so the particulate matter stays and does not get dispersed.

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The particulates do eventually get dispersed during the day though as you can see that the pollution level decreases.

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So for those of you who run in the mornings right around rush hour in the parks in downtown like Benjasiri and Benjakitti, where there aren’t as many trees to take up the excess carbon monoxide, you may be better off making use of your gym’s treadmill for now. Are you aware of the smog issue here in Bangkok and have you started to wear a mask when you’re outside? Share your thoughts and comment below!

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