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When dining out as a health-conscious eater,  I try to choose foods that are low-sugar, minimal simple carbs, and non-fried. But when you are dining out with friends and family, you may be struggling to choose from a menu that is very limited in terms of accommodating with your healthful eating goals. Can you relate?

So I was happy to discover that the Twist Bistro at the Well Hotel really embraces the motto “Let food be thy medicine.” You could say that the chef and founder really had put thought into how food can help prevent and even heal our sickness. Take a look at their menu in the pictures below. But before we get there, I have to mention that I appreciated the modern and clean interior decor as well. It gives a relaxing ambience. We have been here twice with family including young kids and the place is child-friendly, spacious, and quite photogenic. Service was also good and attentive.

Now on the the food. There is a great selection of Thai and Western options making it a great choice of meeting family and friends who may differ on their cuisine preferences.

I do have to mention that while they do put in a lot of effort in “educating” the diner on food as medicine, not everything on the menu would be considered healthy in my book. Although there are still deep-fried items on the menu like the calamari and french fries, you can look for lower carb and less fatty options from the Thai menu where they incorporate Thai herbs that help with various health issues. The menu even recommends dishes to address health issues  like migraines, office syndrome,  and computer vision.

The overall taste and portion size was good although my mango and quinoa salad was really light on the quinoa. While the entire menu isn’t 100% “healthy”, I think that it’s a good option if you plan to meet others who may not share your health-conscious eating habits but still have healthy options for yourself.

* This is an independent review and not sponsored by Twist Bistro.

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