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Health Land Asoke

It’s been a while since I’ve had a traditional Thai massage.  If you’ve had a proper one, you would know that it’s actually not necessarily the most comfortable experience since the purpose is to release your tension by applying tension all over your body. And that can be painful! So when my husband and I received a gift voucher for a two-hour traditional Thai massage at Health Land, I wasn’t really all too excited about it.

Health Land refers to a large network of wellness, massage, spa, and now Ayurvedic services all over Bangkok. We went to the one on Asoke and the place is huge. There are a total of eight floors with 20 private massage rooms per floor. You feel like you are walking into a hotel as you enter the lobby. Once you walk in, you’ll be asked if you have a reservation or not. We went there today on a Tuesday afternoon around 3 pm with our gift vouchers and without a reservation and we didn’t wait even 5 minutes before our names were called on the loud speaker. Pretty efficient service. The lobby area was very spacious and we noticed that the customers were mostly tourists.


We were then ushered downstairs to exchange our shoes for the in-house sandals. We weren’t sure if this lady would be one of our masseuses or not, and I was actually hoping it would be someone else since she was quite stern. No smiling, no greeting at all. We were brought up the elevator to our private massage room and the lady left us for a few minutes to give us time to change.

The same lady came back with another masseuse, who would be the one massaging me and so my husband had to go with the grumpier one. I would say mine was a bit less grumpy. Again, no greetings, not even a “Sawadee” that one would expect. Neither of them asked if we even had any particular health issues or how hard we would prefer the pressure to be. We would have offered any information about any health issues up but in my past experience, it was quite usual for the masseuse to ask that of the client.

Anyway, I was a bit wary that a two-hour massage would be way too long for me and was already anticipating that I may have to ask my masseuse to cut it short. But surprisingly, the pressure that she applied for most of the time was really good and when she sense my discomfort, she would ease off. The technique in my option was very good and my tight neck and shoulders feel really significantly better afterwards.

As for my husband, his masseuse still applied way too much pressure even after he asked her to lighten it up. So, it wasn’t as a nice experience for him although he did manage to nap and snore through more than half of it!

If you’re not looking for much hospitality or small talk but good technique, I would recommend the Thai traditional massage here. Personally, I would go back and can actually say that they really know what they are doing. Overall efficient and effective service but not much charm.


*This review is an independent review and not sponsored by Health Land.

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